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Travis Cherry

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 To God Be The  Glory !!!
                       In All Things I Give Him Praise And Honor

Welcome to my site

On this site I'll include everything I can about my music, including a recordings list, news and gossip, photos, show reviews, and more.

 Below I have listed my CD. If you would like to purchase; you can contact me through the "Contact " link in my site. In the near future I will add paypal for those of you with Paypal ond creadit cards.
 However for now I take cash, checks or money orders. Please allow ten days for checks to clear before I ship.


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I have assembled a great collection of spiritual country songs on
"CLOSER THAN A HEARTBEAT" (Ridge Records).  If you just
listen to the music, and ignore the lyrics, you might think you're simply listening to a high quality country album.
  While all that is true, once you hear the message in the words of the songs, you find that this album is much more. This collection of songs by several talented writers, including himself, is full of messages of peace,spirituality, and wonderful life-worthy lessons.
  Many Christian artists have forgotten that people like their uplifting messages wrapped in a favorite genre.  For Christians who are country music fans, this is a perfect addition to your music collection. 
 Even if you're not a Christian, but you like good country music, you'll like this disc.  The words are calming and full of promise.  What a great way to become more informed about the Christian way of life. 
$13.99 and it's yours! 
Get it today!
Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often.

I will give time and dates for my shows as well as put a store link where you can purchase items you see on my site.

Travis Cherry

I will give you information about my recording studio (RT Studios), my publishing company, my video capabilities ect.; and links to other artists. Finally When this site is finished you will be able to find out just about everything you need to know about the music business.